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Cost Plus vs Fixed Price – Which is better for the customer?

There are pros and cons to both of these approaches. Both can lead to a successful project when dealing with a skilled and honest builder. Both can be a disaster […]

New home trends 2011

The recession has driven some changes in attitudes and values when it comes to building a new home. One of the trends mentioned is smaller square footage. The article mentions […]

Austin is 1st in the US in jobs and income growth during the current economic recovery

The Brookings Institute (December 2010) has more good news for Austin.

Selecting a builder in the current market

So you are ready to build your custom home and you are pretty excited about the fact that there are a lot of hungry builders willing to fight for your […]

Austin Ranked #1 – Source: Kiplinger

Here’s some more good news for Central Texas:  Austin ranked #1 city for the next decade.  Via Kiplinger.

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